2021 Fall IEYA Level 3 Session 1 (5th-6th gr)

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2021 Fall IEYA Level 3 Session 1 (5th-6th gr)   
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The  Illini  Elite  Youth  Academy  continues with  the  2021  Fall  “Train  and Play” program.  For Levels 2-3-4 we will have one day of training the basic skills  to  emphasize  each  player’s  individual  development  and  improve-ment and then one day of play to introduce and develop game play skills/concepts and competition.

Level 3 - Grades 5, 6

  • Training days will emphasize developing all of the basic skills for all players.  We do not “specialize” positions at this level as we strive to make each player as well rounded as possible.  Play days will introduce and build on all aspects of 6 on 6 play and all players will play all positions to give them the most well rounded experience possible.

Cost: Level 3 - Option 1:  $150.00

Days/Times: Level 3 - Monday Play 5:00-6:30, Friday Train 5:00-6:30

Dates: Level 3 - start 9/10 - end 10/4

Find out what level is right for you! http://illinielite.com/assets/Youth_academy_levels_description37846.pdf

All other IEYA information! http://illinielite.com/assets/2021_Fall_YA_flyer_v3.pdf

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