2021 Fall IEYA Level 2 Session 2 (3rd-4th gr)

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2021 Fall IEYA Level 2 Session 2 (3rd-4th gr)   
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The  Illini  Elite  Youth  Academy  continues with  the  2021  Fall  “Train  and Play” program.  For Levels 2-3-4 we will have one day of training the basic skills  to  emphasize  each  player’s  individual  development  and  improvement and then one day of play to introduce and develop game play skills/concepts and competition.

Level 2 - Grades 3, 4 (Mini-Volleyball)

  • Level 2 will build on Level 1 by adding more volleyball specific movement/coordination activities, while building on the fundament skills.  Volleyball specific game play is introduced and expanded in Level 2.

Cost: Level 2 - $150.00

Days/Times: Monday Play 5:00-6:30, Wednesday Train 5:00-6:30

Dates: Level 2 - start 10/6 - end 11/1

Find your level! http://illinielite.com/assets/Youth_academy_levels_description37846.pdf

All other IEYA information! http://illinielite.com/assets/2021_Fall_YA_flyer_v3.pdf

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